Studio Policies

Once you’ve signed up for a class you may cancel free of charge within 12hrs of the class. We require 24 hours notice for personal training. If you NO-SHOW you will be charged the full class rate.

For our kids programs and jitsu programs you may cancel up to 1 week before the first class begins.

If a class is full you may sign up for the waitlist. If a spot opens up you’ll automatically get added to the class and get an automated email and text letting you know. But don’t worry, if it’s less than 12 hours notice and can’t make it you won’t be charged.

Please make sure you have opted-in to receive notifications in Mindbody.

If you have not arrived by the time class starts, your spot may be given to a waitlisted client. If you’re running late, please give us a call so we can hold your spot.

All passes are non refundable. Unlimited monthly and yearly passes expire according to type of pass and date of purchase. 5 and 10 class cards expire one year after the purchase date. Our gift certificates expire after 1 year. Only 1 person allowed per class card. All prices are in Canadian dollars (CAD).

Hero Athletics provides lockers for you to use while you’re training, however we do not guarantee the safety of personal belongings. Please leave anything of great value at home.

We are a dog friendly space, however, if your dog is disrupting the class it is your responsibility to calm your dog, and if need be, leave the class or session. We are also not liable for anything your dog may eat, chew, bite, lick, smell, etc. while they are here.

Hero Athletics welcomes participants ages 16+ to freely access any of our classes. Anyone under 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

Youth and kids programs are open to those between the ages of 5 and 15 years of age.

Health and Safety Policy


  • Class size will be limited 50% capacity to allow for proper social distancing.
  • Mandatory health check in system. Includes:
    • Temp checks
    • Online waiver (by attending class you consent to feeling well and have no symptoms)
  • No public water station.  Clients must bring their own water and bottle.
  • Each client will be situated at a station, each station is equipped with all necessary sanitation for before and after their workout.


  • Any client who is feeling rundown, sick or has any cold or flu symptoms (runny nose, cough, watering eyes) please STAY HOME. Clients are to contact us immediately and we refund for the late cancellation.
  • Cancellation Policy: Late cancellation is anything cancelled within 24hrs of class. An $8 fee for no show will be applied to clients’ accounts.


  • Please ensure email notifications are turned on through the Mindbody Account. Please read the reservation emails for any updates to our policies.
  • In each registration email, clients will be required to fill out a Health Declaration online before they come to class.


  • All staff  and members will be pre-screened for health assessment & temperature checks prior to each class. Anyone exhibiting a temperature above normal will not be permitted to work or workout in the studio.
  • If anyone exhibits symptoms in the studio, for the safety of the community we will respectfully ask you to leave.
  • Stick to toe taps & air hugs! We ask that everyone limit their contact while in the studio.
  • If you have recently traveled or been in contact with with someone who has traveled  please do not return to the studio for at least 14 days.
  • If you have tested positive for COVID or come in contact with someone who has we ask that you refrain from coming in for 14 days.
  • Practice personal responsibility and attend Hero at your own risk. If you are in a high risk category or take care of someone who is, we understand that visiting us may not be the right decision for you. By choosing to attend a class at Hero, even with the increased safety measures, you acknowledge and accept the additional risks associated with the global health pandemic Covid-19.


  • Top grade disinfectant & more frequent cleaning. Staff will use hospital-grade cleaning solutions that are proven to kill viruses. After each class the studio will be disinfected as well as points of contact (door handles, bathroom taps) frequently during the day.
  • All equipment and surrounding floor space will be disinfected after each class. As an additional precaution, we will provide unlimited disinfectant wipes for clients to wipe down their equipment after use.
  • All staff will be required to wear gloves & face masks while cleaning the studio.
  • Modified schedule. We have extended the time periods between classes to allow for thorough cleaning.
  • Hand Sanitizer. Please enjoy as much as you like! Clients will be encouraged to apply it upon entering the studio and staff will be required to frequently wash their hands.


  • Book online. At this time we will not be taking walk-ins.
  • Guided floor plan. Please follow the guided markers to ensure 6 feet of physical distance when checking into the studio. Once you have checked in we ask that you head directly to your station.
  • Our washrooms will be modified to 2 people max at a time. Please come prepared in your workout clothes and only use the washroom if absolutely necessary.  Showers will be closed.
  • Arrive on time, but not too early.  Please show up no earlier than 10 mins before class to allow for in and out traffic of the previous class.


  • Each station is spaced out at least 6 feet between each other. Please keep your movement within your marked out space.
  • During class, each member will receive their own equipment to use or there will be ample time between rounds to clean equipment.
  • No hands-on adjustments will be made by the instructor. The instructor will remain 6ft from each member.
  • Please wipe down your equipment with the disposable wipes at your station after your session.

If you have contracted Covid-19 or been around someone who has it’s your responsibility to notify Hero immediately.

Harassment and Bullying Policy

Hero Athletics is committed to providing an environment that prohibits discriminatory practices. Harassment and bullying are unacceptable and will not be tolerated.


Harassment: Harassment includes any inappropriate conduct or comment by a person towards another that the person knew or reasonably ought to have known would cause that person to be humiliated or intimidated. Examples of conduct or comments that might constitute bullying and harassment include verbal aggression or insults, threats, intimidation, unwelcome physical contact calling someone derogatory names, harmful hazing or initiation practices, vandalizing personal belongings, spreading malicious rumours. Generally, harassment is a behaviour that persists over time.

Physical bullying: using physical force or aggression against another person (e.g., hitting, pushing)

Verbal bullying: using words to verbally attack someone (e.g., name-calling) Social/relational bullying: trying to hurt someone through excluding them, spreading rumours or ignoring them (e.g., gossiping)

Cyberbullying: using electronic media to threaten, embarrass, intimidate or exclude someone, or to damage their reputation (e.g., sending threatening text messages).

If you feel like you are being harassed or bullied by a staff or member you may contact