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About Us

We believe that there is a hero in everyone – an individual who possesses qualities that make them an inspiration. It is our mission to help each and every individual, no matter their story, find their inner hero.

“Success is a state of mind and is manifested in hard work, dedication and a beliefe in ones self.”

We celebrate where each individual is today and help them make goals for the future. We foster a positive and encouraging environment where people can step out of their comfort zone without the risk of criticism,  comparison or intimidation.

We believe that every human CAN participate in the activities they’ve always wanted too but never dared.

Our Programs

Kids & Youth Programs

Woman & Teen Girls Programs

Jiu Jitsu Programs

Strike Classes

Functional Fitness Classes

Private and Semi Private Training

Our Team

Meego Ward-Yassin

Partner // Head Coach

Jaime Ward-Yassin

Partner // Operations

Emma Hamilton

Women / Girls Jiu Jitsu Coach