I felt that, considering we currently do not offer a boxing program for those who want to compete (let’s be honest, we’re not even open yet), it would be a useful tip to all those who visit our website to fill you in on my top 3 competitive boxing gyms in Vancouver.

Why take my opinion to heart? Well, first of all, I’ve been in the sport of boxing for almost 20 years and was a top competitor for over 15 of those years. I’m also not just another reddit blog writer.

My rating on the top three is based on a few criteria:

  1. Coaching – who is coaching and what are their credentials
  2. Competitiveness – how often do they have their team compete
  3. Athletes – how successful are their athletes
  4. Gym – how many classes do they offer, what is their community involvement, how is the gym structured

Quinit Boxing Club

As Quinit Boxing Club say’s, they are an “Old school boxing gym with new school vibes”.  You can be sure that they are all about their community, as stated in their large mural painted on the one wall “Community, Change, Compassion”.  They also run a huge number of classes and programs out of their gym  starting from 7am until 7pm.  They also have dedicated coaches and teams for their amateur boxing athletes and professional boxing athletes.

Quinit also has an array of highly experienced coaches who have been in the ring themselves. Jon Quinit, the owner and head has had a very successful boxing careers as a 2 X National boxing champion, 3x national team member, Ringside champion and Francophone Games Bronze medalist.  Besides their successes, they’re all really nice people with a focus on community and empowerment.

The gym is a bit small, and can accommodate about 20 – 30 people per class, however has everything you need in a boxing gym, from ring to weigh and cardio equipment.  With a full men’s and women’s change room with showers, it makes for a comfortable and accommodating gym.

Diaz Combat Sports

Diaz currently doesn’t have a competitive boxing team, but with the addition of Tariq Abdulrahman and JY Kim as well as a dedicated boxing location just across the street from DCS, we can expect that they will have a very competitive competitive team.

Abdulrahman is a notable coach and started Lift BHBC which housed Rickey Hatton, among other talent.  Upon his more to Canada he started Lift SCBC, which produced many notable provincial athletes.

JY Kim is currently a professional boxing.  As an amateur he held provincial titles in both middleweight and light heavyweight under the Combsport association.

The gym is quite spectacular.  In 2019 DCS moved to a multi million dollar upgrade just down the street from their original location.  The space has 3 levels dedicated to different disciplines.  DCS is currently in the process of renovation the space across the street for a dedicated boxing gym.

Griffins Boxing & Fitness

Griffins is actually a North Vancouver Boxing Gym, located on the East end of Esplanad.  It has over 4000 SF dedicated to the sweet science.

The head coach of the amateur team is Matt Newton.  He’s known for his amazing footwork and was almost recruited as a coach by the Cuban Olympic team.  Griffin’s currently have several provincial champions fighting on the amateur team.  They’re a very active gym and hold competitive events almost monthly.

Griffins does focus mainly on community and BoxFit classes, however they do have dedicated days and training for their team.

So there you have it.  These would be my top three… But don’t take my word for it.  Feel free to do some digging of your own and let me know what you think.